SPILLRECS is Henriksen’s oil spill response line.  For Shoreline operations we have a series of products . They are all  portable, with their own engine. Weight and mobility has been essential during the development


Working platform for use during oil spill response operations

FoxBarge 40’ is a simple and large (60m2) working platform for use during oil spill response operations in shoreline areas. It is to be stored and transported as a standard 40’ container. The vessel is very sturdy and simple: 2 outboard motors provide propulsion and can be steered from a fixed and radio-controlled console. It is very maneuverable. The deck has standard anchor point for deck cargo, crane and other equipment.

Main Features

  • 60m^2 Work Platform
  • stored as a 40′ container
  • easy to mobilize and manouvre
  • 2×115 hp Yamaha
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The FoxBlower has been developed in cooperation with The Norwegian Coastal Administrations. It is a powerful system to distribute different types of absorbent using a fan driven by a small petrol engine.

The System is possible to carry by two persons making it highly efficient and versatile in seashore use, where transport using vehicles is impossible. For the operators, the safety is considerably improved. The system is currently being industrialized, and first unit is scheduled to be delivered to The Norwegian Costal Administrations early 2012.

Main Features

  • Lightweight
  • Extremely portable
  • 12 m hose
  • Adjustable power and speed
  • 0-100 l/min absorbant
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Effectively mixing sorbents into oil spills

Henriksen’s newest product; FoxMix has been develloped in cooperation with The Norwegian Coastal Administration. FoxMix is a user-friendly machine that efficiently mixes all natural sorbents into oil spills, so this can easily be picked up. FoxMix can be delivered with several different brushes for surface and oils. The brushes can easily be changed.

Main Features

  • Great advantages when it comes to operator efficiency and HSE
  • Honda 25GX
  • Different brushes for different surfaces and spills
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