PHONE: (+47) 333 78 400

ADDRESS: Træleborgveien 15, 3112 Tønsberg, Norway

General Manager

Trygve Egenes
(+47) 90649557

Quality Manager

Nicholay Oscar Bjerkelund
(+47) 93858565


Henrich N. Henriksen
(+47) 91774669


Arne Lassen-Urdahl
(+47) 91854198

Henriksen Business areas

Ole Rasmus Undrum
(+47) 95131110

Anne Gro Johansen
(+47) 90632042

Lisen Hermann
(+47) 90767194

Linda Konttorp-Berg
(+47) 95866904

Or see our distributor list

(+47) 95480443

Marie Gjone
(+47) 91144369

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