Our range of telescopic poles are all extendable/ retractable and have a very high reach / portability factor. Use the pole to place a hook with wire- or rope ladder on a suitable entering point.

The hook separates from the pole and an entry point is gained.

Telescopic Pole

The manual telescopic pole consists of multiple carbon fiber segments telescoping into each other. At the end of each segment is a quick-action clamp with a lever that securely locks the internal segment in place. Pivot the lever to open position, and the internal segment is free to move. Adjust the pole segment to a set length and push the lever back down into the locked position. Repeat for all the segments to extend the pole to the desired length.

The Telescopic Pole is a versatile and robust tool for many different purposes. Available in many different versions and lengths, with different adapters to suit any type of operation. Custom made adapters are available on request.

Windup Pole

The Windup Pole is a high-performance, 15 m windup action telescopic pole. It is compact, fast and strong and designed for use both on land and at sea. The main difference compared to the manual telescopic poles is the windup control which means that the pole needs less handling and is under certain conditions much easier to extend.

The Windup Pole is a telescopic pole with a manually operated winch and belt system to extend it.

All parts of the Windup Pole are designed for both land and sea use, and withstand immersion in sea water. The telescoping tubes are made from high strength hybrid carbon fiber composite.

The top adapter of the pole is compatible with all of our grapnel hooks with the hulk adapter. Similar to the manual telescopic poles, the windup pole is used for placing a hook with an attached ladder or rope onto a ledge or railing.

The windup pole is extended while in vertical position for easy operation.

Giraffe tracer Pneumatic Pole

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The Giraffe Tracer is a pneumatic powered extension and retraction pole for boarding and entering. The Giraffe features an easy to use pneumatic system with push button control for precision up and down movements. The control handle is collapsible and adjustable to retain a slim profile when not in use.


Use the push-buttons to activate the efficient pneumatic system. Thanks to the simple controls the operator can concentrate on the aiming and timing aspects of the operation. Key performance numbers for the two ladder lengths are:

The retraction button has two speeds: push it half-way in to release the pressure and let gravity retract the pole. If more force is required, push the retraction button completely to activate the vacuum system to quickly retract the pole.


The rapid action eccentric handle lock is prepared for use or collapsed into transportation-position in a few seconds. The versatile baseplate(s) are available in multiple sizes to allow the pole to be attached to nearly any location, such as the deck of a RHIB.


The Rolatube is made from an innovative low weight bistable composite material that can be coiled into a very compact roll. Roll out the Rolatube and it instantly snaps into a long rigid pole. The Rolatube is a versatile tool that can be used in boarding, urban operations, and beyond. It is suitable as a stop mast, a signal mast, for surveillance, or any other uses where a portable, compact and collapsible pole is needed.

The Rolatube are available as complete climbing packages:

Rolatube 3 m package (BE003654)
Reach ledges exceeding 5 m

  • 3 m Rolatube pole
  • 5 m Wire ladder
  • 2.5” Titanium Hook with Rolatube adapter

Rolatube 5 m package (BE003655)
Reach ledges exceeding 7 m

  • 5 m Rolatube pole
  • 7 m Wire ladder
  • 5” Titanium Hook with Rolatube adapter

The Rolatube packages allow users to reach entering points exceeding 7 m in height. The packages are extremely compact and easily fit in a backpack or bag when convoluted.